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Struttin’ Time

A story worth passing on to others

Last week’s warm weather most likely had Mr. Longbeard gobbling in the early morning. He is ready for a new spring to begin. Of course, the hen knows he is premature. Mother Nature will tell her when it is time to find a boyfriend, and not after a few nice days in the middle of winter.

Although turkeys gobble year around, they are getting more vocal, as the early signs of spring put love in the air. Locating them now will give you more of an understanding of where to hunt in a couple of months, as the turkeys are now getting out of their winter range and flocks.

We owe it to the turkey and ourselves to be as ready as we can be when season does open. I can’t stress enough the need to have your hunting equipment in tiptop shape. Check for rust on your gun. Make sure you give it a good onceover. Close your eyes and listen to your calls. Are they still in tune, or is it time to put your favorite call in retirement and start finding a new favorite call?

Check on the equipment that you wear into the woods. Two pieces could mean the difference between life or death — your boots. Are they worn slick from years of mountain hunting? Are they coming apart were the uppers meet the soles? Your boots are one of the most important parts of your hunt, and can mean the difference between a great day in the woods or a long day in the ER.

If you need new boots, get a brand name. Walmart boots should never be trusted, and not one pair has ever graced these feet. Make sure you wear them a few times to get them broken in.

I’m excited about this year’s hunt, and the prospect that you will be there every step of the way.

I must pass along this story: A few days ago, I saw a young boy of about 10 walking beside the road with a hen turkey across one shoulder and an old singleshot shotgun over the other. Me knowing that shotgun season for hunting turkey has well passed, I stopped and ask the kid, “What are you doing with that turkey?”

He looked me up and down and asked, “You the law?” Before I could answer no, he said, “Well if you ain’t then it is none of your business.”

I’m still laughing.

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