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How to deal with a call-wary tom

Well the pretty weather didn’t last long, but don’t fret. No matter how bad it gets, we are heading into spring. Turkey season is nearly upon us, if we are ready or not.

I need to address a question from a Harlan County reader. His name is Richard Dye, and he wanted to know what to do for old toms that are call-wary. Richard I can tell you what to do, and then I can tell you what I do.

When you come across a callwary tom, and you will often, try a gobbler yelp. It has a slower rhythm than the hen yelp, and you move the striker in tight, long ovals. You need to reduce the amount of yelps made in each series. Now that should work for you, and those calls should bring the wary longbeards into shooting range most of the time.

Now, what I do most of the time — because I’m not too good at making the gobbler yelp — is just quit calling altogether. He will either leave, or will come in to see what happened to the hen.

Budd Adkins, from parts unknown to me, wants to know what kind of call do I use to hunt in rain. That is easy to answer. I usually don’t hunt in the rain, unless I’m caught in the woods. But if you do hunt in the rain, I still like the old box call. Just put it in a plastic freezer bag, where it will stay good and dry, and you can use it without taking it out.

If you remember, I am committed to getting my Eastern turkey this year. As I think about last season, it makes me mad to know how many stupid rookie-type mistakes I made, and I hope not to repeat them.

We will be hunting wild boar in the swamps of Florida on March 14, then Osceola turkey on March 16. Stay tuned, we will have fun this year.

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