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Here's wild boar tale, and it is true

The little lady turned out to be deadly. I was invited to help with a annual wild boar hunt this past week in Ohio, where for some reason they feel the wild hog is about to take over.

I was invited to be a guide for the event, but because of health reasons I had to decline, but went and acted as an observer. To my surprise, the weekend weather was quite cool and the hunters had a good day to hunt.

At each hunting and fishing event I have ever been to in almost 60 years I always hear about the “big one” — the monster that always gets away. This event was no different.

Upon my arrival I was met by a young lady in her mid-twenties who said, “My name is Rachell Roberts and I’m here to kill the 700 pound boar I’ve heard about.” This young lady would weigh about 110 pounds soaking wet. As I looked at her I thought someone had sent her “snipe hunting.”

When I first arrived I was feeling very sick, so I blew her off. I wanted to ask if she had any thoughts how big a 700 pound boar would be, but let it pass. She was assigned a guide, and the first thing she asked him to do was to cock her crossbow for her. The guide looked at me as if to say, “What the hey?”

They left the ranch house around 7:30 that morning and were still missing in action at 2:00 in the afternoon. Several nice boars had been checked, none weighing close to 700 pounds. Around 2:30 p.m. a call came in over the radio saying the young lady was on her way back with a monster boar in toll.

As soon as I saw the boar I laughed to myself and said, “She’s killed someone’s cow.” As she got closer I saw it wasn’t a cow. It was indeed a boar, and what a boar it was. It topped the scales at 710 pounds. Her guide said she shot it from 20 yards while it was charging them. He had his pistol out, at 40 yards telling her shoot. She was as cool as Luke, and pulled the trigger at 20 yards, dropping the big boy in its tracks.

So ends one big tale that happens to be true. Rachell Roberts of Dayton, Ohio, I am glad to call you friend anytime.

I left for Vermont on August 28 for black bear. Wish me well.

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