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Struttin’ Time

You know you’ve been sick when …

I was so sick a few days ago I was asking the Great Spirit to take me across the Silent River. That didn’t happen, and I am glad.

One of my favorite friends, Donna Mason, reminded me I have much work to do before I can go. Thanks, Donna, for bringing me back to reality. We will also be following Donna’s adventures as she goes turkey hunting for the first time.

Orell Fields and I have been friends for longer than most people are old. Years ago the two of us climbed aboard some donkeys at a donkey basketball game in Fleming-Neon to raise money for the kids of our area. We got body slammed, but we lived. Orell has always had the kids in his heart. If we just had more people like him, we could reach our goal of leaving this place somewhat better than what we found it.

Well not only is Orell a friend and good guy, but he is also a big time turkey hunter. I will try and tell his story as close to the truth as I can about his 2012 spring turkey hunt. And I quote, “Steve I didn’t get one.”

However, Orell redeemed himself during the fall gun season by killing a nice 24-pound turkey with a 12-inch beard. And it happened within an hour of him going into the woods. That is the way it goes. That is why it is called hunting.

If you see Orell, tell him you read about his spring hunt in Struttin’ Time. Also, buy him a coffee. After riding those donkeys all those years ago he deserves a pat on the back.

Struttin’ Time will be heading to Florida in less that a month. Get ready for a fun-packed year.

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