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Readers make it all worthwhile

This has been a great week for me, and I hope ya’ll also.

First, I want to thank all the Struttin’ Time readers for taking time from your busy lives to sit down and read what we have written. I am thrilled to get e-mails like I did this week and learn that people in Dayton, Ohio, read Struttin’ Time every week have taken the time to let me know.

This was the case as I heard from an old friend of mine from McRoberts, Ron Mullins, who has lived in Dayton for several years. I have always been close to the Mullins family. They have been like family to me, and I think often of their brother, Carl, who crossed the “Silent River” just a couple years back.

I hope, and am planning on, getting a turkey hunt together with Ron this year.

Although I live two hours north of Letcher County now — and I have always said that the good people of Letcher County have let me live a life bigger than a dream — my good fortune seems to have followed me. Case in point, the people of Estill County have taken me into their lives just like the people of Letcher County always have.

They have given me places to hunt that are chock full of turkey and deer. They even went, without charge, to put up posted signs with me.

I can’t remember how long it has been since I cooked a supper. They bring it right to the door around 5 o’clock. This week I was really amazed when I went to have my tires rotated before leaving on the Florida turkeyhog hunt and wasn’t charged one penny although it was the first time I had met the fellow, and I sure hadn’t bought the tires from him.

But lest you forget, you in Letcher County are my family and could never be replaced. And Estill County is still the most lawless county I’ve ever been in.

Life can’t get much better than what you have let me live, and for that I will always be grateful as I continue through this journey we call life.

We will be leaving for Florida to start our 2013 season in just a few days. I hope you are as raring to go as I am. Remember we are not going out West this season so I’ll be able to hunt in Letcher County more often.

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