Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Some things just never seem to change

It seems as though some things never change in my life. Although I have met very few people here at my new home in Estill County, more people have been stopping by to meet me. The other night some people asked me to help them start a chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Upon hearing this request, my memory went to the time my friend Stanley Perry came by my house at Dry Fork and invited me to help start the Little Shepherd chapter of Letcher county. If my memory serves me right, and I’m sure it does, we met in Wendell Brown’s sporting goods shop at Whitco. Although I wasn’t a good member then and don’t know that I would be today, the Little Shepherd chapter is still going strong and does great work for the community.

The group is a civic organization, not just a bunch of overweight hunters who sit around and tell lies. There are many good friends of mine on that committee who work hard and ask for no thanks. The chapter has flourished under the likes of Raymond “Pap” Brown, who until his sickness was head of the Jakes program.

Will Connelly, who as president led the chapter to its largest membership in history, worked tirelessly to make the chapter a shining beacon in the county. The list goes on, and on. Just because I didn’t mention your name, doesn’t mean I didn’t think you did a great job. Frank Campbell, Major Sparks, Jerry Barker, B.J. Ison, Richard Brown, Glenn Brown, Sambo Cook, Leonard Fleming — all of them belong in a Hall of Fame. I belong in a Hall of Shame for letting them down.

I’m afraid I wouldn’t do any better with this chapter in Estill County. It is like an old friend of mine once said, “You don’t need me, you don’t have anyone when you do have me, and if I join you still won’t have anyone.” I will try to get them started, but I’m not what they need.

It’s only a few more days until we leave to hunt in Florida.

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