Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Youth turkey hunt will begin soon

I’ve just finished hanging a picture given to me by my lifelong friend Ked Sanders of Jenkins. As I look at the picture he painted of the little town of McRoberts where we grew up a snapshot of how simple life used to be enters my mind. Now it is hard for me to fathom ever living like that again.

Another though I had while looking at Ked’s painting is how the good people of Letcher County will remember the both of us. Judging from the response to last week’s Struttin’ Time I probably need to warn Ked to distance himself from me, as I have been hanged in effigy on the courthouse steps for not staying with the people of Letcher County on projects that some say I should have stuck with!

Kentucky’s youth wild turkey hunting season will open April 6, and I will be in Letcher County hunting with my little buddy Jessie Quillen. I hope he gets a nice longbeard, and I will try my best to make that happen.

The regular turkey hunting season opens April 13, and I will be excited to see my friend Donna Mason bag a big one. This is her first year of turkey hunting.

I attended a meeting of the Estill County Longbeards, a new chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, and was asked to be in charge of the Jakes program. I don’t need to look far to find a mentor. Raymond “Pap” Brown of Letcher County is the best I know, and I will try to walk in his footsteps.

We will be leaving this week for Florida to hunt hogs and wild turkey. Our next edition of Struttin’ Time will come from the swamps.

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