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Struttin’ Time

Turkey season should be productive

This is a really busy time of year for me as I travel to several states and try to snap a picture for your mind’s eye to see just how beautiful our country is and the nice people we meet along the way.

I wrote this version of Struttin’ Time on Good Friday afternoon as I packed to turkey hunt this week. Our first hunt will be a specialdraw hunt for Merriam turkeys. Two is the limit, and I hope we don’t have a repeat of Florida last week. I will hunt them through today (Wednesday) or when I tag out. Then it is back to Letcher County on Friday to hunt on Saturday with my little buddy Jessie Quillen on the youth hunt. Then it’s back to Estill County to hunt on April 13 through whenever with Felber and a couple more friends.

I will be hunting hard for the Eastern, as I never killed any last season. At this point you may shake your head in disbelief and ask, did he say Felber? Yep the one and only Felber.

I hope you will take a kid hunting on April 6 to let them enjoy the same feeling that has stayed with me for more than 60 years — the feeling of someone caring enough to take me in the mountains before daylight and to see the night creatures go to bed and the day creatures wake up.

My Dad did it for me, and I am still in love with what I’ve seen. Be careful, and enjoy this year’s travels with me. I have been told that we should have a good year, as there are lots of two-year-old longbeards out there.

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