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Struttin’ Time

Is is just bad luck or something else?

As I traveled into the deep woods of Estill County hunting wild turkeys, I began to question myself. Have I lost my edge? What does the future hold for me, when it comes to hunting?

I have hunted two days, and although I have given it my best shot, I have failed to connect on a longbeard. I hunted opening weekend with Felber, and of course that is a story within itself. I called up a longbeard just a few minutes after daylight, only to have him hang up at 75 yards and strut for three hours. Felber, if you remember, can’t hear, so he is useless when it comes to putting a plan together to get any closer.

On day two, I was hunting in the same place, with a prearranged plan for Felber to cut the longbeard off at the pass, but we were on the edge of the property where some other hunters — who were there legally on their side of the fence — shot not only the turkey I had called up, but another one that came in with it. They never called one time. Oh well, things like that happen.

Although I have already harvested a nice Merriam and a hybird from South Dakota, I failed in Florida. With the season just started, there is still plenty of time here in the Commonwealth, but time for me is running out. I need an operation on my neck (slipped disc) in the worse way, and I’m trying to get through turkey season before I have it done. The pain is unbearable and I am having trouble using my left arm, which isn’t good when you are left-handed. I am running the chance of being crippled, according to my doctor, if I don’t have it done right away.

Only time will tell, and look at it like this: Whenever I have the operation my friends at The Mountain Eagle will get Struttin’ Time in by deadline. I’ll keep you updated on our travels, and of course my health. I don’t need anything from my loyal readers, except for them to keep reading.

Maybe the Great Spirit is telling me it is time to hang it up. I have always believed in going out on top of your game.

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