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Hunting trip stirs thoughts, memories

Hello from beautiful Chelsea, Vermont.

As I traveled to Vermont for my first time, I thought of my youth. In my mind’s eye I remembered the trips that I took with my family and how much in awe I was to see what a beautiful place God had made.

I have received several calls about my column concerning my friend Major Miller. Many callers said the column made them see a different side of me — one they didn’t know existed. The main topic seemed to be my feelings about God which I expressed in the article.

How can anyone be a hunter and not belive in a God? I sit on top of some of the highest mountains in the country and I watch the night creatures go to bed and watch the day creatures wake up. I sit in amazement as the sun peeks across the mountians and the fog lifts from its bed. I lose my breath as I see the beautiful flowers bloom on top of a 10,000-foot peak that was meant for few eyes to behold.

How could I not believe in a God, having grown up in the same hollows as you have and watched as our old miners, with backs bent and breathing labored, bow their heads and thank God for what they had been blessed with? How could I not believe in a God when I have heard the same songs of praise coming from the lips of our parents and grandparents?

So I want to let everyone know that when I am on my porch or in the mountains, I understand there is a God. As I watch the sun go down, getting ready for my first day of bear hunting as sun comes up tomorrow, my mind and thoughts are with the people in Letcher County. I am able to be here because of you. I have said this before: I live a life bigger that a dream, all because of you.

I hope to be able to report on a good hunt soon.

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