Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

His first — and last — emu hunt

When we left each other last week, I was about to share with you the emu hunt, which was as hard a hunt as I have ever been on.

I pulled out of my driveway at 2 a.m. sharp, heading for Jackson Ohio, to look for an animal that I had never heard of, let alone seen. Donnie, and his wife, Anita, were standing in their yard as I pulled in.

Since I never hunted an emu before, I thought a few questions would be in order. What does it look like? The answer, like nothing you have ever seen. What kind of track does it leave? A giant turkey track, came from Donnie. What kind of sound does it make? I thought I may be able to call it in. Anita said, “If it has ever made more than a hissing sound, I’ve never heard it.”

I started a long day, looking for something that may or may not still be on their farm. They hadn’t seen it for three days.

Jackson Ohio has hills much like our own, and at my age, I thought, what have I gotten myself into? It was up one hill, down one hill, and back up again.

Soon I was history. My legs wouldn’t work, and there wasn’t a dry thread on me. I was soaked with sweat. As I sat down around 3 p.m., I knew I was nearing the end because not only had I walked their 400-acre farm and I could see their house, but because I thought about calling Mountain Rescue to help get me out. t was then, in the bottom of a draw, that I saw my prey.

Now to get a game plan together to get to it. I was hunting with my turkey gun, which meant I needed to be within 30 yards for something that large. I mostly pulled myself around to the other side of the ridge because nothing on my body worked.

As I scooted in for a shot, here it came straight at me in an attack move. I couldn’t lift my gun. In one last ditch effort I laid my gun on a branch of a bush and dropped it at 20 yards. Game over!

My friends came to me, and pulled it out from the woods. It was within 200 yards of their house. It was probably there all day.

So if you have something strange show up on your property, please call someone else to hunt it. I have yet to recover from my last trip.

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