Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

In praise of the ThermaCELL

As the long hot days of summer begin to creep upon us, finally, my most dreaded enemy is back — the mosquito!

I have done everything in my lifetime to defeat this monster. I’ve taken garlic pills, made me smell like a large salad. I’ve put spray on so thick that it melted everything I touched, and of course I own several bug suits. But they just keep on coming year after year, those pesky little things that buzz around you, looking a place to bite you, and take some of your blood. They even find a way into your house and bite you at night.

Although the bite isn’t as bad as the itching and the discomfort that is with you for days, I choose to let the blood bank get my blood instead of some insect.

At last, we have found a way to keep them at bay, although it does nothing to kill them. The product is called ThermaCELL. It was invented to keep our troops from having to fight two enemies at once, the soldiers on the other side and the mosquito. It is very effective in keeping them at bay, as long as you sit still, like in a blind, or tree stand, even on the riverbank.

The ThermaCELL sells for about 25 bucks, but is worth much more than that when we fight the most dreaded of all summer enemies, the mosquito. Often, as I sit hunting or fishing and hear them coming in for a fight, I wonder, why did old Noah take these things with him?

Go get you some home versions of the Therma- CELL. They are somewhat cheaper, and are worth many times their cost so you may enjoy your outing or backyard cookout. Wait, I hear some trying to get into the house now. Where is my ThermaCELL?

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