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Too few hold way too much power

I have managed to speak recently with three state officials about looking into the goings-on of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Everyone agreed the agency is out of control, and said they would try — remember that word, try — to change things.

They also told me there is not much at this point they can do with the department, because of the way it is structured. It receives no taxpayer money.

The power is given to the chairman of the nine-person commission, and the final power really rests with the chairman.

What the hell?

After President Richard M. Nixon, I never thought I would live old enough to see someone who is above the law, or thought they were. It cost Nixon the Presidency of the United States.

Commissioner Gassette not only runs amuck in my and other people’s views, but does so with the price tag of $218,000 of your money.

I fully expect that I will have some wardens on my property checking things soon. I have always tried to do the right things when it comes to staying within the law, but I’m sure I’ve not, so if they dig long enough, hard enough, and throw in some unexpected evidence, like a tag I can’t produce, they will get me on something.

How did we let this happen? As long as my friends at The Eagle and you stand with me, and I’m sure they will, as long as I’m in the right, we will fight for the truth of how the department is being run.

I hope I’m wrong, and if I am, I’m man enough to say so. After all the smoke clears, if they are still standing, I would be shocked.

Someone is at my door now. Looks like a SWAT team. Well, that was fast!

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