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Struttin’ Time

Hunting via television is much cooler

While cooling my heels getting ready to go squirrel hunting in a few weeks, thinking about what this Struttin’ Time would be about, I did what most hunters do these days, turned on the Outdoor Channel.

For a lot of hunters these days, that is the way to hunt. It is not only cheaper, but you escape the bugs, weather, and you know that they are going to get their quarry most of the time.

Well, when I sit down with a cold Diet Pepsi, a show was on called “Hunting with Sasquatch”. It is about a mountain man they follow around filming his daily hunts. Today he was hunting moose and wolves in parts unknown too me. He was hunting with an old Hawkins that he hand made, so they said, and was set upon by bad weather.

Note to self, it is always bad weather in the areas that have both moose and wolves.

Well’ he traveled many miles by horseback, and canoe I reckon, because I didn’t see any other means of transportation, through rain, wind, and bitter cold. He dumped his black powder Hawkins in the lake, besides all the rain, and must have expected it to fire, because not once did I see him check to see if it was wet — a good indication that everyone that is hunting with him or is filming doesn’t know anything about hunting with black powder.

Next he spread some chicken parts out to try and attract a wolf, whose track he found. Another note, wolves are nomads, unlikely to come check out a three-pound chicken that has human scent all around.

Well, he finally got from his boat and sat calling a moose, the announcer said. The minutes turned into hours waiting. What is new about hunting? That happens almost every one of my hunting trips, sometimes the waits turn into days.

Finally the wait pays off. Here comes a moose about the size of a good spike elk. Closer the moose gets, until it is time to end this hunt. Ready, aim, pull the trigger. Not even the cap goes off. Hurry, put on another cap. Same result. Check your powder now; it comes out like soup.

Moose goes on its merry way, and a whole stupid crew of what are probably non-hunters, and one dumb person supposed to be mountain man are left scratching their heads.

My advice, take a modern firearm next time you go on a hunt, and to my Struttin’ Time readers, if I ever take you along on a hunt like that in one of our stories, please take the black power gun and swarp it around a tree. Better yet, around my head the next time you see me.

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