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Struttin’ Time:

The stealing from others must stop

What is going on when you can’t put out trail cams, tree stands, blinds or feeders in the mountains — even near your own backyard — and expect to go back and find them still there?

Simple question, but where’s answer?

On a daily if not weekly basis, someone is contacting me about their hunting-related gear getting stolen. The people of Letcher County should be ashamed of themselves for letting this theft to occur. It is not a victimless crime. Someone worked hard to be able to afford the things they want to hunt with, just to let some lowlife walk in and walk out with what they worked hard to buy. A good trail cam can cost $500, which represents many hours of work. The thieves just come and go, it seems at will, with no thought about getting caught.

One thing that makes these thieves so secure is they almost know that even if someone sees them stealing, that person doesn’t want to get involved. The people who buy this stolen stuff are as bad as the people who do the stealing. My parents wouldn’t know Letcher County as it is today. Growing up, we never locked a door and never had any worry about someone breaking in.

I have never made a penny at someone else’s expense and I’m too old to start now. The people of Letcher County should take back their county, NOW!

The county that I now live in, Estill, is as lawless as they come. The reason, I have figured out, is that when the good people of Estill County could have taken back their county, they didn’t. Now it is too late. Letcher County is heading in the same direction. Wake up before Letcher reaches the point of no return.

To help cut down the thefts, people should report anyone entering the woods around their homes, never buy goods they believe may be stolen while also keeping track of anyone trying to sell something that seems too cheap to be true. If this happens, call the office of Sheriff Danny Webb.

Hunters should do what I’ve done of late. Take out your feeders and put in homemade pipe feeders, remove your ladder stands and use either a climber or climbing sticks. As far as your trail cam, well just do it like we used to — let whatever walks by be a surprise.

It is a shame that you can’t enjoy anything anymore, because of the thieves and the people who help them by buying stolen property from them.

Meanwhile, archery season for deer and wild turkeys begins September 7. I hope you get me some good stories to write about. Maybe I will have some of my own.

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