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Struttin’ Time:

Cowan student enjoys hunting

The thought went through my mind as I sat down to write this week’s Struttin’ Time, I have been writing “Struttin’ Time” in The Mountain Eagle longer than some of the people that we write about are old.

This week is a case in point.

We encourage our youth to get out into the great outdoors and see what nature has to offer them rather than sit in front of a computer. The youth are the future of our hunting heritage. Years ago I was fortunate to make a friend by the name of John Bedwell. John worked for ARH, and never a finer man ever walked. John remained my friend until his passing. Onto this family tree a grandson, Steve Dicks, was born and he, like his grandfather, is one of the good guys.

But this is about Steve’s son, Matthew, and the heights Matthew has reached already in the world of hunting. Matthew, 11, is the son of Steve and Valerie Adams Dick, who I watched grow up. Matthew is a student at Cowan, and hopes to join the archery team sometime soon. He has been hunting since he was eight, and has added to his hunting collection, a total of six deer (four bucks and two does). Although Matthew has yet to score on a turkey, my money is on him. And he is also off to a great start by killing two squirrels so far this season.

Our mind is the best camera ever built. When it takes a picture, good or bad, that picture is there for a lifetime. Matthew has already had two bear sightings while hunting; one just the other day while squirrel hunting. It was a cub, about 75 pounds. But remember, were there’s a cub old momma can’t be far behind.

If you see Matthew out and about or on the basketball court, take a minute to give him a thumbs up for doing his part in helping the tradition of hunting carry on forever.

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