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Struttin’ Time:

What hunting should be all about

The opening day of archery season has come and gone and I am happy to say I was part of it.

After battling a long sickness I was starting to wonder if I was going to be able to watch the sun rise, the night creatures go to bed and the day creatures wake up. But the Great Spirit of Life showed me mercy and I was able to watch from my hunting blind all the wonders that you experience from hunting.

The morning was a crisp 60 degrees, no wind to speak of, fog hanging in the valleys, with dew falling like ripened nuts raining from the trees. Everyone needs to see at least one time in life what nature has to offer. Nowadays most people think communing with nature means drinking spring water from a plastic bottle. Although I try to paint a picture in your mind with every Struttin’ Time, nothing comes close to actually being there.

On opening morning, (September 7) I never saw any deer, but I saw crows as they shouted back and forth at each other, and I listened as a hawk made itself known to the rest of the forest. That is hunting at its best, and I’m glad you are there with me on every hunt. Although I wasn’t able to answer the bell for round two, tomorrow is another day and I expect a rematch.

Hunt safely, enjoy yourself and remember, hunting is not about a kill, it is about you being at peace with yourself and nature.

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