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Struttin’ Time:

Is ‘respect’ no longer being taught?

I was taught to show respect while growing up.

I was expected to respect my teachers (I’m still friends with some of them after all these years), to respect my elders (not too many people around are older than me anymore), to respect others’ feelings, and their rights.

I learned at an early age that my rights end where yours begin. We all have a right to try and be happy, but some people aren’t happy unless they are making other people sad.

Case in point: I just returned from the woods, hunting. I am writing this on Saturday, September 14. I got up this morning, showered, got dressed, and drove 10 miles to get into my blind. As I parked I could hear a dog barking. As I walked through the woods I could hear the same dog barking. It was the same story as I got into my blind.

I left my blind at 11 a.m. to start the walk back to my truck. The same dog was barking. I got into my truck and saw three does, two broadside at 15 yards. I watched them for 20 minutes, but never picked up my bow. I drove the 10 miles back home, showered, ate lunch, and visited some friends. I left at 3:45 p.m., headed back into the woods. When I opened the gate at four — you guessed it — the same dog was barking.

I returned to my blind, left at 8 p.m. and the dog was still barking. What is wrong with people when they allow dogs to bark like that? You know they can hear the same thing I do. How do they sleep, talk on the phone, or watch television? What about their neighbors who have to listen to their dog bark?

Some people have no respect, and people who let their dogs bark are among the worst of the worst.

I’m heading back out in the morning. Any bets on whether that dog will be barking or not? My money is on the dog barking.

Any hints on why its owners allow that to happen? Give me your thoughts. I’ll be glad to listen — if I haven’t gone stone deaf from the dog’s barking.

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