Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

There is no interrupting nature’s plan

I have never accepted a dime from a sponsor or hunter to pay for my hunting trips and I’m not about to start now. However, I need to share one of the funniest stories told to me — and there have been many.

Several years ago my friend Paul Miller of Norton, Va., told me about some fine people he had hunted with in Ohio and recommended I check them out. They own a high fence ranch, DD Ranch. Their names are Nina and Dannie Carte, and I knew from the first time we met that these people would be my friends. They now have been in business 25 years.

Well, “Ms. N,” as we will call her, is as funny as they come. She can make people laugh even if they can’t hear. Years ago, when she and Dannie were just starting out, their firstborn was within a few days of making his appearance on this earth. Dannie wanted to go deer hunting, and wanted Ms. N to go with him to her parents’ house so she would have someone with her in case the baby came.

It was a cold blistery morning, and Ms. N’s parents had a path instead of a bath (older people will know that meaning). Ms. N’s Mother had fixed blackberry dumplings, and we all know the after effects of those things. Nature called and Ms. N headed down the path in the bitter cold to the outhouse. Of course those things weren’t heated, and the boards were inches apart. The wind blew the door shut and Ms. N was caught inside for 45 minutes. She could see her mother washing dishes and going about her way as panic had set upon her.

As Ms. N shouted, screamed and beat on the door, her mother just smiled and waved. Finally she was able to get the door open and headed toward the warmth of the house with her mother asking where she’d been for so long.

Dannie came in about that time and said he would see everyone the next morning, but nature had other plans and the baby was born bright and early the next morning. Call it fate or whatever you want, but being stuck in an outhouse for 45 minutes could have helped with her childbirth.

Remember, it is never too early to panic. If you get the chance, go hunt with my friends. Nicer people you will never meet, and their ranch is second to none.

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