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Struttin’ Time:

Young hunters getting it done

As the list of hunting reports for opening day of Blackpowder Regular Youth season keep filtering in to me, I have a warm fuzzy feeling. Maybe, just maybe, our shouting from the mountaintops is having some effect on the young people, and more of them are getting outside to hunt.

As I’ve written many times, the youth and women are the ones who will save our sport, if it is too be saved. I see a glimmer of hope. As hunters like me grow older and the old body can’t get around like it use to, we are on the backside of life. But the daddy who is in his thirties and feels the fountain of youth still in his body will be like me and all the other old folk in just a few years. Then they will want to insure our love for the hunt goes on. The only way to accomplish this goal is take the youth hunting. Letting your wife hunt won’t hurt either.

I put off writing this edition of Struttin’ Time for a day, hoping to get several stories of kids killing deer. I have many reports of the young ones hunting, but so far only two have reported kills. Matthew Dicks and Jerrick Rose tagged out on their first day of hunting.

I want to thank their dads, Steve Dicks and Mike Rose, for taking them hunting and helping. I will report on more hunts as they are given to me.

Regular blackpowder season opens on Oct. 19. Wear your hunter orange, be careful, and “May the Great Spirit of Harvest give you the knowledge, skill, and true flight to accomplish the task at hand.”

You met young Matthew Dicks in this column a few weeks ago. Jerrick Rose is the 11-year-old son of Mike Rose, and is in the 6th grade at Fleming-Neon Middle school. He has been hunting for three years, and this buck was a nice seven-pointer.

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