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Struttin’ Time:

Youth’s persistence pays dividends

This week I want to write about Kevin Johnson, son of Mikey and Jamie Sexton. Kevin is a hunting nine-year-old that goes to Martha Jane Potter Elementary School at Kona. He has been hunting for two years, and this year he bagged his first deer — a nice buck in anybody’s book.

Kevin shot a spike on the first day of season, but as fate would have it — although many people tried to find it — the deer just couldn’t be found. Kevin was heartbroken, but not defeated. He still had the next day to hunt, and early on the second day of season he rose, got into the woods when he should have, and allowed the “Great Spirit of Harvest” to make his shot true.

Kevin even field-dressed the deer and hasn’t stopped smiling yet. That is the way it should be, and if that thrill ever leaves you it is time to hang it up no matter how old you are.

I love all the stories that are coming across my desk about kids hunting, and I read everyone. I know your thrill. I have lived it myself, and reading these stories returns me to my youth.

Way to go, Kevin.

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