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Struttin’ Time:

An example of why hunting is great

As a way of honoring my late friend Chan Fleming, I am going to let his son Brandon tell you in his own words about his son Cameron, known as Buddy, killing his first deer. Enjoy.

“We were hunting in the Payne Gap area. We were sitting there at 4:30 am. Already, about 15 deer had crossed in front of us. Two were monster bucks. Nothing to do at this point but sit and wait. It was a long way until legal shooting light came. I was teaching Buddy that you cannot shoot deer before the legal shooting times. By the time it was legal to shoot, we never saw another deer. I was so disheartened for him.

“We came home, ate, napped, and got ready for Sunday evening. We did not think we were going to see another deer. Right at the edge of dark, there was a huge 8-pointer with a doe. Buddy said, ‘When I shot, the whole world stopped and the bullet left the end of my barrel in slow motion.’ The deer dropped straight down. When he got to the deer, you could hear the excitement in his voice and see it on his face. He said ‘Dad, one shot one deer.’ My eyes filled with tears knowing that (my father) was watching from above. What Buddy didn’t know is that this was my first deer also.

“My son’s name is Cameron Neil Richardson. He is 12 years old and goes to Fleming-Neon Elementary School. He is an avid hunter and fisherman, and has been since he was five years old.”

Thanks, Brandon, for sharing this with us. Brandon is the son of my late friend Chan Fleming. I know Chan is a happy camper.

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