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A hunting law that needs changed

I have already harvested and gotten back my European mounts from two nice eight-pointers this year. I had never had a “Euromount,” and since my man cave is almost full of different types of heads, from elk to antelope to turkey to wild boar, I had these made for two reasons — they are cheaper and they take up less space.

After the deer hunt we moved on to a wild boar hunt and did well there. Our friend Rick Hardy had never hunted wild boar before. I went along and we both got two nice boars. My “real” trip was to my leased land here in Estill County.

On opening day of fall shotgun turkey season I saw and heard some longbeards while archery hunting, but never bothered with them knowing shotgun season was just around the corner. I arrived about 30 minutes before daylight on opening morning. It was really cold, so I knew they should stay on the roost somewhat longer. Come daylight, I hunkered into a mid-size cedar, hit my gobble call a time or two and they answered back. I guessed them to be about 200 yards, and knew they would be slow coming. Sure enough it took from about 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. for them to close the distance. When I saw them I realized there wasn’t going to be enough Charmin to do the job. Yep, six longbeards, all with beards dragging the ground and spurs over one inch long.

My plan had worked to perfection. They didn’t know I was on the earth. As they looked for the gobbler they had heard, I took aim, and as they say, the rest is history. Well this is where Kentucky law and I part ways.

Although I could have killed two easy, you can only kill one per day, unlike say in Kansas, where you can put as many on the ground as you have tags for. Then after I got home, I checked the law again and found out I was only allowed one longbeard. The other had to be a jake or a hen.

I had a decision to make for Sunday morning, kill a hen or jake or stay home, I stayed home.

We are leaving for North Carolina for black bear hunting this week. I will keep you in the loop.

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