Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

2013 has been one great year so far

I just finished a week that dreams are made of. My friend Rick Hardy hunted for black bear in North Carolina. My lifelong friend Addie Church, who by the way is a Struttin’ Time reader although he now lives in Chester, Virginia, sent me a handmade wing bone turkey call. That will go into my collection, as soon as I hunt with it a couple of times. Also, my wife’s uncle, Jerry Lucas, and my wife’s nephew, Aaron Lucas, came and enjoyed the opening weekend of deer season. They live in Tennessee, and it was a thrill to be with those guys again.

Although they failed to get anything, it was a fun trip and made me recall just how good 2013 has been to me in terms of hunting. I have taken four wild turkeys, from different states of course, two wild boars, also from different states, and now three deer. I got my deer on opening day, November 9, so I’m out of business, much as I was on opening day of fall turkey season with a shotgun.

Dragging the deer out, however, almost did me in. It is times like that when I am reminded that the miles and years have caught up with me. I have often stated I’ll probably die in the mountains hunting, but I may need to quit before then because I can’t get the game out anymore.

A great example: I shot my buck at 7:10 and it took me until 9:30 to get it to the truck, which was parked less than half a mile away on level land.

I would like to thank my friend Addie for being a reader and for sending the call. And for my friends who go hunting with me, once again I would like to say that because of you I live a life bigger than a dream.

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