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Struttin’ Time:

Women hunters doing their part

In recent years we have been focused on the fact that if hunting is too be saved, the women and the youth will be the ones to save it. This past deer hunting season has proved we have been right.

The pictures that have been sent to me showing “big bucks” have been mostly women or girls. The first picture was from Valerie Dicks, who got a nice eight-pointer during muzzle loading season. I watched Valerie grow up, and according to her husband, Steve Dicks, is his second best hunting buddy.

Valerie is a fine young woman, who will help our sport along for years to come. Then I got word from my friend Shelia Connelly that she had indeed killed a big buck and had the picture to prove it. Shelia has been a friend of mine for many years, and I have watched her hunting skills grow, not only with deer hunting but turkey as well. Shelia is the lovely bride of my great friend, Will Connelly, and truth be known she is the better hunter of the two.

Then there is the story of what happened this past week. I had killed a pretty nice six-pointer and posted it online, without the picture, when my friend Connie Sturgill made note that no deer had been killed on the Brown farm at Dry Fork yet. I told her my money was on Destiny and Carla.

Connie is the daughter of my friend Raymond “Pap” Brown and the mother of two of my favorite kids, Destiny and Carla Sturgill. A few years ago while hunting behind my house at Dry Fork I heard a shot ring out from the Brown farm. I knew it was one of the girls, so I left my hunt to go get the story for Struttin’ Time. It was Destiny. She had killed a nice five-pointer with Carla eating her Coco Puffs beside her.

Well things now have changed. Although Carla still likes her Coco Puffs, she has turned into a good hunter herself. The ink was no sooner dry on the message I sent her mother when Carla posted her deer pictures. A monster buck. Then Destiny sent me some pictures of her buck killed right after Carla’s.

I felt so bad after looking at all these pictures that I refused to post my pictures for fear of hunters laughing at me. I see now that women are stepping up to help hunting, so I am happy. But are the men keeping pace? Only time will tell. A big thumbs up to all these women.

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