Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Rabbit hunting is as good as it gets

As another year draws to a close, I would like to take time to reflect on years gone by.

I still remember — and miss — the days when a group of hunters would fire up the ole beagles and go rabbit hunting. On any given morning in the 1980’s, you could stand on the top of one mountain and hear the choir music being sung by beagles chasing their favorite quarry, a cottontail rabbit. Everyone owned, traded, or hunted beagles it seemed.

Many years have passed since we had our last rabbit hunt together, but my friends’ faces and names are forever in my memory. One of my best friends, John Banks, would drive over from Pike County. Wendell Hogg and his son Tim would come down from Neon. Deputy Sheriff Galedean Campbell, Sheriff Steve Banks, District Judge Jim Wood, Commonwealth’s Attorney Edison Banks would fill out the roster and we would head to some strip mine to run our beagles. Years gone by, but memories never to be forgotten.

Today it seems we all want to talk about the monster buck or the big longbeard. It seems we have forgotten about how we got here and about the times as a group we sat and laughed as the old rabbit kept running after everyone had shot at it.

Some of our hunting buddies have crossed “The Silent River,” but the memories we made together will live on until each and everyone is gone. I long for the good ole days of hunting. Take someone rabbit hunting soon. What you learn from it will never be forgotten.

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