Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Forget problems, let’s talk hunting

Well another year has started and it’s not been good so far. My computer crashed and Social Security raised my payments on my Medicare because they said I made too much money and was able to pay more. Although I don’t even need Medicare because I have UMWA Health insurance, the law says if you’re 65 years old or older you must take Medicare.

But forget about all of our little setbacks and let’s get started with Struttin’ Time 2014. I want us to start where we left off last year. Isaiah Baker, 8, is in the third grade at Martha Jane Potter School. It was the second morning of rifle season, and it wasn’t really daylight yet. Isaiah was in a shooting house with his father, Kevin, and a friend. Looking outside they could see the outline of a deer, but couldn’t tell if it was a buck or doe. It turned and left, but within a few minutes it came back.

Although it was still not daylight, they could tell the deer was a buck the second time. It walked right in front of the shooting house and Kevin readied the gun, and Isaiah. When it came time to shoot, Isaiah went into fits and nearly passed out. Kevin told him to calm down, put the crosshairs on the deer’s shoulder and pull the trigger.

Kevin thought for sure Isaiah would just close his eyes and shoot, but he didn’t. He did just what he was supposed to do instead, and down went the nice three-point buck. The deer kicked a time or two, so Isaiah shot him again, saying that sucker wasn’t going anywhere.

To Isaiah the experience was a Boone and Crockett, and nothing will ever compare to that minute in time when a memory was made. Next week, Hunter Craft will be front and center.

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