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Struttin’ Time:

The thrill of getting the first deer

Moving right along, making stupid mistakes in 2014 (hope I don’t make these stupid mistakes while looking down the barrel at a longbeard).

I said last week, this story would be about Hunter Craft. It is about Matthew Craft instead.

Well, Matthew is the grandson of two of my favorite people, Richard and Alice Craft of Mayking, and the son of Richard and Amy Mullins Craft. Matthew is an 11-year-old student at West Whitesburg, and is in the fifth grade.

On the morning of the youth hunt on December 28, Matthew was up and ready to go. He was excited because he had a feeling this would be his morning. Seems when you come from a hunting family, like he does, you can feel it in your bones.

His dad, Richard, would be doing the guiding, and made it plain to Matthew, this was Matthew’s to win or lose.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife does do some things right, and the free youth hunt weekend is one of them.

Wasn’t long before Richard put them on a big doe, and Matthew decided, as I have many times, this hunt is over. Using the knowledge that he had been taught, Matthew shouldered his rifle, squeezed the trigger, and as we like to say in the hunting world, the rest is history.

This was Matthew’s first deer, and to him, a trophy for sure. Although his first deer will never grace the front page of some hunting magazine, his mind took a picture that will be there forever.

His mother said proudly, “He is a very good shot!”

Way too go, Matthew, and may your hunts last a lifetime!

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