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Struttin’ Time:

Despite the cold, spring grows nearer

I can feel spring in the air. Although the temperature is 21 degrees outside and dropping I can still read a calendar, and the winter days are slipping by.

This week we want to close out our youth hunt stories and the little guy I’m going to tell you about is just the one to do it with. He once went rabbit hunting with a BB gun. He is Preston Halle, a nine year old who attends West Elementary School. He is growing not only into a fine young man, but an excellent hunter as well.

Preston, the son of Scott and Gabrielle Helle, already has his own game room (and no, not the video-type). Now that is impressive for a grown person, let alone a nine-year-old. Preston killed his first wild turkey last spring. It weighted in at 24 pounds, had a 10-1/2 inch beard, and 1-1/2 inch spurs. That tells me he probably had a four-year-old turkey come to his calls, a feat for an old hunter like myself, let alone a nine year old.

Preston also got his first deer during the 2013 season. Although it was a button buck, remember, a trophy is in the eye of the beholder and this was a great start.

In Preston’s game room he already has a squirrel, rabbit, his turkey, and soon a deer. Preston and all the other children we have written about in these last few columns are our future of hunting. To their parents, and everyone that takes them hunting: A great big heartfelt thank you!

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