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You just know that some ‘have it’

You know in this life we make friends that are with us for a lifetime, although we sometimes lose track of them along the way.

We look at the people we meet and say, they are going to be extra smart, and will be a doctor someday, or they are going to be a street cleaner. That is just human nature.

Sometimes we meet someone when they are just a kid and say, he or she is going to be a cool parent when he or she grows up. This is a story of one such friend, Corrina Shortt.

I remember thinking years ago, she will grow into a cool parent someday. Here is proof I was right.

Alex Brashear, her son, wanted to go deer hunting on opening day, but his dad had to work that day so his mom loaded him up on a cold, frosty morning and headed to a friend’s farm on Little Leatherwood. As much as my mom was cool, she would never had done that. She would just have told me, “You know the way.”

Corrina parked the Jeep, and sent him on his way. She sat in the Jeep, staying warm and listening to music on the radio. Although Alex saw a lot of sign, after about three hours and nearly frozen to death, he returned to his mom, warm and toasty in the Jeep.

Alex wasn’t a happy hunter, and didn’t want to leave, but being almost frozen to death, he didn’t have much a choice. As they pulled into their yard, he looked and there stood a big doe. Alex couldn’t understand why it didn’t run, the music was loud enough to wake the dead coming from the Jeep, but it stood there until Alex got reloaded and brought it down with a well-placed shot.

Alex was 14, and attended Hazard High School. He is from Ulvah. He never went with his mom again. He decided she was only good for a ride, and he would be better off just hunting his yard.

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