Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

We won’t be taking as many trips

As this turkey season gets closer, I realize that my days of going after the “Longbeard” are coming to an end.

This year we will not be taking our trips because of my feeble body, and this winter from hell! But haven’t we had a great run? Who can say that life hasn’t been great to us, when we have did it all?

I’m reminded of the old Indian chief who was about to cross the Silent River. He called his three sons and told him, whoever brings me back the rarest gift, he will replace me. The three sons took to their journey, and after a few days the first son came to a beautiful flower that only grew in the highest places. He picked the flower and returned to his father. The second son climbed even higher, and brought his father a feather from an eagle. The third son climbed to the top of the mountain, beyond where any in his tribe had been before, he looked and saw the ocean. He took a picture in his mind’s eye of how beautiful it was, and he to returned to his father.

He told the old chief about what he saw, and he was made chief. His two brothers told the chief that the third son didn’t bring anything back, so how could he win?

The old chief said, “My sons, he brought back a picture of a place we have never been, and of a journey I hope you all can take.”

That is how it has been with you and me, we have taken a trip together, and it will never be forgotten! Haven’t we had a great run together?

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