Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Did Willie Sutton hunt wild turkeys?

I promised my lifelong friend, Terry Adams Sr., to help him get a longbeard this spring.

I will be using the world’s greatest bank robber, Willie Sutton, to do some teaching.

First, Willie was a 40-year career criminal. That is about how long my friend Terry has tried to kill a Longbeard. Willie stole more than $2 million. That is about how much my friend has spent, again trying to kill a Longbeard.

Willie robbed banks from the late 1920s until his last bank in 1952. Terry has hunted the Longbeard from the first season, 1982, until now, still no Longbeard.

Do you see how Willie’s life and Terry’s run together? All Willie wanted to do was rob banks, all Terry wants to do is kill a Longbeard.

So, my lifelong trusted friend, this advice is just for you. It takes three things to be a good turkey hunter, patience, patience, and more patience. I would say that about now, yours is wearing thin.

The final thing that I would like to say about Willie Sutton is that he was once asked, “Why do you rob banks”? Willie replied, “Because that is were the money is!”

I use that saying to bring home a point. Terry, go to were the turkeys are. Don’t hunt on Main Street of Whitesburg (I admit I’ve never seen you hunting there) when the turkeys are up at the County Extension Office.

I’m not planning any faraway trips this hunting season, so I will be hunting close to home. We will do some hunting together to try and break Terry’s long drought.

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