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Few dads now teach about outdoors

Just what are dads teaching their kids these days?

That question comes to my mind more often these days when I see an ad on television where the dad is playing some video game with his son, or daughter, and he has become addicted to Xbox, or PlayStation himself.

When I was six years old, I already knew that my dad, Toby Brewer, was a true outdoorsman. He worked 40 hours a week, planted a garden, kept livestock, and went to church on Sunday. Most importantly, he spent time with his family, hunting and fishing, camping, and knowing how to enjoy what God had given us, the beautiful mountains, lakes, and the outdoors in general.

Although some Sundays would catch us far away from a church, Dad never failed to bow his head, and give thanks.

He never spent more than he could afford, contrary to how people do it today, living way outside their means. Instead of basing the way people live today on a 40-hour week, they have to work 70 just to try and stay even, let alone get ahead. A layoff comes, or short workweek (less than 70), they go under fast. Working 70 hours a week is a bad thing for a family; it leaves no time for them.

By the time I was six, Dad had me in the woods hunting, by nine, my own gun, and knife. Of all the outfitters and guides that I’ve hunted with during my long life, my best and still my hero, was my dad. He would have been 93 on March 3.

Dad, family man, fisherman, and hunter, yes he was all that, and much more too me, he was my pal. He left this journey we call life much too soon.

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