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Struttin’ Time:

Boy, 10, gets his first wild turkey

Being raised in McRoberts has always been a plus. Because of it, we made and have kept lifelong friends.

The Mullins family from 15 Hollow has always had not only my respect, but the respect of everyone that they have ever known. I am glad to be able to call them all brothers, and still enjoy the times I see them.

This week, I will be writing about one of the younger members of the Mullins family. His name his Landon, and like his family before him he is a hunter who has the love of hunting running through his veins.

We lost Landon’s Uncle Carl a few years ago, and my heart still is sad. Landon’s grandfather is Chuck Mullins. His father is Charlie, and both were with him this past youth turkey hunt when he got his first turkey. And I’m sure it won’t be his last!

Landon is in the 5th grade and has hunted for three years trying to get his first turkey. And he did it big time. The old long-beard came in at more than 20 pounds with more than one-inch spurs and a 10-inch beard. It is a nice trophy for anyone.

Landon loves to hunt squirrels, rabbits and turkeys, and Charlie told me he will be going deer hunting this fall.

That is a full schedule for a 10-year-old hunter, but knowing his family he is just getting started. All this old writer of stories can say is, “Way to go!” I’m sure I will be hearing more from Landon.

Meanwhile, I hope you allow me to take a minute to say farewell to my lifelong friend, John Williams of Whitesburg. Never has there been a better fellow to walk the streets of our county. John was on the Whitesburg City Council for many years and was one of the Letcher County Kids Day Committee’s strongest supporters.

I was in South Carolina when the news reached me of his passing, so I didn’t get to attend his funeral. I would like to ask his family to forgive me and know that my thoughts have been with them.

My friend John Williams left this journey we call life much too soon.

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