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Spring squirrel season opens May 17

Well here we are with spring squirrel season dead in our sights. The season opens May 17 and runs thru June 20. If you can stand what will soon become hot and humid mornings, it is a great time to hone your skills — and an even greater time to get into the woods with some young people.

When I was growing up, which was many years ago by the way, we called it “mulberry season,” and of course if you knew where a tree that was bearing fruit was, you were there well before daylight and usually had your squirrel limit by 10 a.m.

It was also a time when shotguns were put away and the squirrels hunted with .22 rifles. At first .22 shorts were used, but when in the later years .22 long rifle hollow points came on market it fast became the shell of choice.

I hunted some this turkey season with the youth of our county and wouldn’t mind to take some of them on a spring squirrel hunt. Remember, hunting with me can be tricky. What I mean is there are only a limited number of hunting days and only one of me, and I try to take the first ones who ask me. Contact me and I’ll try my best to get your child into the woods.

I was happy to have all the reports from hunters who got their turkeys this spring. From what I see, we had a great season. I have watched the hunting world change so much over the last 65 years, and much of it for the best.

Let’s talk briefly about some products that help you hunt, such as a Therm-O-Cell, which I would not step into the woods now without. Where bugs used to carry you away, now you can light up a ThermaCELL and hunt in peace.

I also like the new camouflage spring clothing and, you can rest assured, the new snakebite protective boots that let you hunt worry free.

Next week we will talk about what equipment we need to have a fun spring squirrel hunt.

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