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Struttin’ Time:

Hunting slots are filling up fast

It is always good to hear from lifelong friend Raymond “Pap” Brown. Some people that we meet as we make this journey we call life are just too good not to stay friends with, and “Pap” is one of those people. He never misses reading Struttin’ Time, and when he was too ill to read he even had his family read the column for him.

As our readers already know, spring squirrel season opened on May 17. I will be in Letcher County taking some youth hunting this weekend (May 24). As sick as “Pap” has been, he offered to take some of the children hunting with him, to give me a hand. I will take him up on that, as I may have already overbooked myself.

My promise to you parents who have asked me to hunt with your child is that I will be with your child to share some fun minutes, although someone else, probably “Pap,” will be the one to take them into the woods. As always, they will receive a gift from me for them to keep, so my plan is to meet with them all either the night before or the day of the hunt. They will be fed, given a gift, be well taken care of, and they will have a blast.

And Dad or Mom, of course you are welcome to come along. Sorry, but nothing else to offer you except the memories you make!

My e- mail address is filo@irvineonline.net. Please get your request in before we are booked solid.

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