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Dynamite hunter comes in small package

Kansas — what a great state for turkey and deer hunting. I just returned from a super turkey hunt there, where I hunted with an outfitter by the name of Joe Conyers of Conyers Outdoors. I thought he was one of us when I first met him, and sure enough he is from Arkansas.

Joe runs a world class hunt. If I can’t find anything wrong with an outfitter, he has to be good. In Kansas, you can kill up to four turkeys, all on the same day and even at the same time if you are lucky enough.

Upon my arrival at noon, Joe asked me what I wanted to do, rest, sightsee, or go hunting. I went hunting and am I glad I did. By 1 p.m., four nice longbeards came walking by, all of them Rio’s, so I knew I was only going to shoot one of them. I was really after hybrids. Game over at one minute after one. He had an 11-1/2 inch beard and one-inch spurs. I never weighed him, but would guess he tipped the scales at maybe 22 pounds.

At 4 p.m. on that first day, here came two hybirds. I shot one and let the other walk. My mistake, because I never saw another live turkey the rest of the hunt. My hybrid was just about the same size as my Rio.

But this is not my story for this week. It involves a young lady who was there to try and kill her first turkey. Her name is Suzy and she is an avid deer hunter. Suzy is a small woman, but remember that dynamite comes in small packages. Remember Rachel Roberts, the woman who killed the big boar? I could tell Suzy had a big heart and I hoped she would kill a turkey. My wildest dreams came true.O

n the second day of the hunt (she saw nothing the first day) I came back into the lodge and there she was with a smile as big as her heart. “Mr. Steve,” she told me, “I just killed my first turkey, well my first two turkeys, with one shot.” Yep, she had shot at one hen and hit two of them.

My buddy Raymond Brown has that kind of luck. I have never killed two of anything with one shot. How cool that must be. Anyway, she was still a little sad, because she really wanted a longbeard and she would not be denied. With two more tags in her pocket and a couple more days left on her hunt, she was ready. I had to leave the next day, so my hunt was over. I still had an empty tag, but that’s life.

Suzy killed her longbeard early the next morning. It had an 11-1/ 2-inch beard 1-1/2-inch spurs. She told me she was shaking all over and couldn’t breathe, but she got the job done. If any of my hunting buddies want to book a turkey or deer hunt, Joe can be found at Gunbroker under hunts. Who knows, you may get to hunt with Suzy.


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