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Mostly sunny

Struttin’ Time:

Where have all the good times gone?

Because of things that could have been and things that really happened, the hunts with the youth during this spring squirrel season, had to be canceled.

I got sick, some friends passed away, and like we use to say, “Things just didn’t work out”.

While at the funeral home saying my last goodbyes, two of my dearest friends, who were there visiting also, and I had a very good chat. Johnny Holbrook, of Neon, and Bill Blair of Hemphill had also dropped by.

As I looked at the gray in their hair, the slowness of their movements, and the age in their eyes, I wondered where have the years gone? These two lifelong friends of mine, two of the “coolest” men to ever walk the streets of Neon, in my book, have grown old.

Then I realized, I have grown old with them.

Johnny and I talked about the good ole days of softball, when his daughter Lana was a star player on the Blue Jays, a Whitesburg Little League team I coached. Lana now has two girls in ball, following her footsteps.

We chatted about the times we just hung on the streets after work or school in our early years. He and Bill also had quite full lives that we talked about.

Bill Blair is and always was the “True Gentleman”. Nobody in Letcher County dresses any sharper than Bill, and I know there is nobody that can come close to being as humble.

Both of them reminded me that they are tried, true Struttin’ Time readers, and I want them to know how much I like that.

Johnny, Bill, and myself have one final trip to make together. We don’t know when that will be, but by just looking at us, doing the math, and considering the miles we have traveled together, it won’t be long.

Soon other people will be standing around, visiting us for the last time.

Johnny Holbrook, Bill Blair, till we meet again, this story is for you. As Bill turned to walk away, he looked back, winked, with that look on his face, and said, “I love you, man”. The feeling is mutual for the both of you.

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