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So when is sandhill crane season?

Well my loyal and faithful readers, this week we are again taking on the sandhill crane hunting season.

The sandhill crane, which is a large bird which most of my readers have probably never seen, or have just read about it here, had its season opener about four years ago. To get a permit, if you recall, you had to apply for one of the 500 that were going to be issued, had to pass a test to tell the difference between a sandhill crane, and a moose, and had to figure out were you could go to hunt them.

It was so much work, even I passed, and I always try and hunt anything that is in season. Although the Department of Fish and Wildlife has taken down from its web sight any information on the hunt not only for the first year but all years (you usually do that when something has failed), I remember that less than 50 cranes were taken although the 500 permits were given out.

Although my mind is full of worthless information, I don’t need a computer to help me remember some things.

So in the years that have followed, have things gotten any better for hunters that want to hunt the sandhill crane? We probably will never know. The numbers have been forever struck from any record that I can find, not even anything posted about when you need to apply for the permit.

I know that we have a season and with your help we will find when it is, where it is, and when we need to apply. How do you hide a whole season?

Taking it off your web page don’t mean it isn’t going to happen, it just means that it is harder for hunters, and of course readers who wonder why they read Struttin’ Time anyway, to find out when it is, and how to apply. But we are at the top of the food chain, and we will find out, trust me.

Your mission, if you decide to take it, is find out about the sandhill crane season, and I will apply this year, to learn the difference between a crane and moose, and have the joy of rubbing elbows with the anti’s as they try to stop us from the hunt.

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