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Struttin’ Time:

Hunters really will buy anything!

With every new day comes a new adventure. Case in point, my father had two sets of hunting clothes — a brown set and a green set — and they were not camouflage. He never heard of a ThermaCell, range finder (except the ones they used in the “Big War” that were used to lob shells at the enemy), nor did he know what an ATV was. But he used to say, if someone makes it for a hunter, they will buy it and try it.

This week’s Struttin’ Time is written around what my father said. For almost a year now I have seen a camouflage suit being advertised, mostly on television. It is called a HECS Stealthscreen. As with my Scent-Lok suits that I bought by the dozen, I just had to have one. This hunting suit is supposed to make you invisible by way of blocking a faint electric signal that is emitted from your body. As I watched more and more hunters telling how good they worked, I had to buy one.

The cost was around $ 150, about what a full camo suit cost, so my order went in. And man was I excited to get it. When I saw the big UPS truck pull into my driveway, I ran to the truck. Finally, I was about to get the upper hand on the big bucks that always seem to elude me, although I had probably $5,000 worth of scent-proof hunting clothes.

Rushing back into the house, I opened the package, and the first thing I read was that it needs to be used with the complete outfit, hat and gloves not included. Not to be discouraged, I quickly put on my suit, minus hat and gloves, and headed to the first place where I knew there were turkeys — my turkey lot behind my house.

I stepped inside thinking they would never know I am was there. The turkeys, a project of my granddaughter and me, took one look at me and I’ve not laid eyes on them since they saw me standing there. Yep, they took the whole back fence out!

I suppose the problem could have been I didn’t have the cap and gloves? Another $100 and I should be go to go Now how do I tell my grandbaby her turkeys have escaped?

My father had it right. Hunters will buy anything.

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