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Struttin’ Time:

Thankful for ‘world’s greatest’ readers

Years ago an old friend of mine, Mr. Henry Sword, told me that we learn very little, if anything, from success in life; it’s the failures that give us the education.

As I sit here doing this edition of Struttin’ Time, I can’t help but wonder whether the few minutes we’ve spent together each week over the years has been a success or a failure. We have grown, laughed, cried, traveled and hunted together for many years. I would hope that when the last Struttin’ Time is published that you would look back and say we had a good run.

Although we all realize that what we write won’t change the world and it wasn’t intended to. It is my hope that along the way we have brought a few minutes of happiness into your lives. When my friend Ben Gish and I and the rest of The Mountain Eagle staff started doing Struttin’ Time, we never knew if it would work or not, but from all indications it has.

I am amazed at the calls, emails, and the good things I hear each and every week. I want you readers to know that you humble me, and although I am closer to crossing the “Silent River” I am still on this side and I’m not ready to cross it yet.

To everyone that has a hand in doing Struttin’ Time, thank you, and I hope we travel many more miles together before we end this journey we call life. I’m sure we have stumbled along the way, and probably will do so again. If we do stumble, please take the time to help us back up. You are the world’s greatest readers!

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