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Hunting the elusive blacktail deer

I’m off to hunt what Jim Shockey, one of the world’s greatest hunters, calls the hardest animal to hunt in North America — the blacktail deer.

Found only in the Northwest part of the United States, this mix between a whitetail and mule deer is as hard to find as “the old needle in the haystack.” Shockey said it took him 10 years to tag one, and here goes your old buddy to try and harvest one in one year.

If anyone in Letcher County has ever killed a blacktail deer or even hunted one please let me know. Since I am leaving tomorrow morning, that is all we’ll say about that now.

I talked with friend Raymond Brown and he wants me to remind everyone that the Little Shepherd Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is having its annual youth rabbit hunt on December 26. I have personally been involved in these hunts and they are a thrill. To see the youth, which is the future of our sport, come out, some brought by their mothers, to enjoy the outdoors warms your heart.

Raymond cares more about kids than just about anybody I know. He helps with every Kids Days event and has been our only train conductor. But on a sad note, Raymond has informed me that his budget has been cut and things are tight. I say not if my readers and I have anything to say about that. Readers, let’s step up to the plate, open up our wallets, and support this cause.

Just like a Kids Day event, there is never a charge for the youth hunt. I will start the process by donating $100 to the Little Shepherd Chapter Youth Hunt. Raymond needs to raise $1,000, but the more he raises the more he can do for the kids. Please contact Raymond at 633-9548 to get your child in this hunt and to give him some money.

Given the number of folks who read Struttin’ Time, the kind of money Raymond needs should be an hour-long project. So let’s get it on.

All deer seasons are getting under way, so be careful. This is my last out-of-state trip of the year, so I will be hunting around home upon my return from Washington state and sharing a lot of stories.

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