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Struttin’ Time:

Wanted: 50 squirrels for breakfast gravy

Sometime we really can’t see the forest for the trees. Such was the case the other day when my friend Rick Hardy and I went scouting for squirrels (the season opens August 16) and deer and wild turkey (seasons open September 6).

As I looked over a nice pine grove, looking at the deer and turkey signs that were everywhere, I noticed I was alone. I was alarmed because Rick has a bad heart.

It was hot and humid and we had just topped a hill. We had gasped for a breath of fresh air as we reached the top. I walked back to were I could see, and there he was on his knees under one of the pines, not from any sickness but doing what we had came to do — scout for squirrels to find out if there were cutting hickory nuts, acorns, or black gum.

In my haste to see the sign from the big game animals, I forgot that we will be hunting first for squirrel, and that was what we needed to find out about on this trip. I missed the squirrel signs looking for other signs. Yes I missed seeing the forest for the trees.

Let us please stay focused on the task at hand lest we forget what we really came to do.

I want to thank all Struttin’ Time readers for the kind words you send me each week, including my friend Corinna Short, who wrote me this week and thrilled my heart. Thank you, Corinna. You and other readers like you keep me humble.

Now I want to ask Struttin’ Time readers to do me a favor. If you get any squirrels and want to give them away, please consider giving them to my lifelong friend Maxine Quillen of Daniels Branch. All that I kill this year will go to her, as she is planning and an old-fashioned squirrel gravy breakfast. She needs 50 squirrels, so let’s please help her out.

Until next time, happy hunting.

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