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Struttin’ Time:

Getting together for hunt not always easy

I love sitting in the mountains, where it is mostly peace and quiet except when some idiot comes roaring by on a Harley that is so loud the ground shakes even when you are on top of the mountain. I’m not impressed, and I’m sure most other people aren’t either.

My mind these days is often on a true friend, Corinna Short from Mayking. Her grandfather, Arvel Sturgill, used to hunt with me some back in the day, and Corinna was my daughter Angie’s best friend growing up. They remain friends today.

Corinna and I have tried to get a turkey hunt planned forever, but things just never seem to work out. I still can see Corinna in her Scout uniform as she would hang with Angie and do things together. Corinna is one of the women who never strayed far from her roots of hunting and fishing. She moved from Mayking, married, is raising a family, farms, and still finds time to be one of the several thousand women who enjoys the outdoors. I never thought I would ever hear anyone say that we needed to depend on women hunters to save our way of life — hunting and fishing — but without them we would be in danger of not being able to hunt or fish.

Corinna’s problem is that she has the worst luck with her health of anybody I know. She loves to hunt, but always has a twisted ankle, or knee, or she is down with a bad cold. The good news is we are still both above ground, and the day I quit hunting is the day they put be below ground level. So the seasons keep coming and going, and I am sure that if she only has minor health problems we will make our hunt happen sometime.

We had tried to get a fall turkey season hunt together, but she couldn’t answer the bell. But another round will come, and we will put a long beard on the ground together.

Hang in there, Corinna. Spring season will be here before we know it!

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