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Struttin’ Time:

Squirrels still needed for big breakfast

My friend Maxine Quillen contacted me this week to tell me her squirrel gravy breakfast is in danger of not happening.

Why? Because she has no squirrels. It’s hard to have a squirrel gravy breakfast without them. I am guilty of not killing any squirrels for her, because I haven’t been hunting yet. Between the rain and it being so humid on the days it isn’t raining, I just have not been able to get into the woods. If it keeps this up, even the opening day of turkey and deer season is in danger on my end. I am just too old to try and walk through the woods when I can’t breath.

Let’s hope things get better before long so that Maxine’s squirrel gravy breakfast can go on without a hitch. Please, Struttin’ Time readers, if you have any squirrels, no matter how few or how many, get them to my friend Maxine Quillen. She lives on Daniels Branch at Isom. If all of us can get a few to her, it will go on as planned.

Archery season will open September 6. Are you ready? I thought I was until this heat and humidity set in. It is hard for an old man like me to breath when the weather is so hot and humid. I’ve had trouble getting my feeders and trail cams out. Seems as though you can’t walk any distance at all without being soaked with sweat.

The one thing I have learned in life, we must play with the hand that is dealt us, good or bad. So we can’t change the weather. We either hunker down, as I have done, or get out in it and hunt. I have never been one to ask anyone to do something I won’t do myself, so if you are not hunting because of the weather, I understand.

I hope it cools enough to turkey hunt in a few days. I may slip on an oxygen tank so I can breathe and go anyway!

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