Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Struttin’ Time:

Please send in your pictures and info

As the days cool we are really just now getting cranked up in terms of getting back into the woods.

It had been so hot and muggy the past few weeks it was next to impossible to hunt. But as the old saying goes, things are about to change, starting now.

I noticed on my trail cams that deer are traveling almost all the time near or after dark. I believe that has to do with the humidity we have had. Although I’ve not noticed but one 11-point buck among my pictures, I’m sure there are more. By this time of year, I usually have reports coming in to me about kills, or pictures, but to date I don’t have any this year.

Am I the only person who has noticed a change in our weather from what it was just a few years ago to what it is today? Of course, the weather is one thing we can’t control, so whatever it is we have to play with that hand.

I’ve had pictures of several does and fawns, but the nice bucks seem to have left the country. What are you seeing, and have you been able to hunt any so far? Please let me know.

Of course, the season is early and things should level off. If they don’t I’ll just take a beach chair into the woods and get a tan.

Let me know what you are doing. We may piece together a season after all.

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