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Some companies just never learn

You would think that companies would learn, but the greed gene is so strong they never do.

I’m talking about the firearm makers in this case.

Back a year or so ago, when it looked as though new, tougher laws were going to be passed, the price you would pay for firearms almost doubled, as well as the price of ammunition.

Well guess what, except in a few states, the laws were relaxed, or stayed the same. Some states like Colorado and New Hampshire imposed new guidelines, but never affected anything much. The firearm makers got burned big time, so much so they are in what we use to call back in the day, a hell of a mess!

So many guns are on the market right now, the firearm makers are offering rebates on their guns, up to as much as $75. That is not to mention the price at the sporting goods store has fallen to the lowest level I’ve seen in years. Now would be a great time to buy half a dozen rifles to trade on when they start selling again, and the price goes up. Trust me, my friends, the price will go back up, sooner or later, but it will.

I’ve also noticed the price of shells is down, either because of a sale or some sort of price drop. Remember, you can’t shoot your rifle without anything to shoot.

I bought five boxes of 150 gran Hornby 30-06 for $20 a box this week, not bad when the price on the box is $24.95. That is like getting a box free.

Well, it is now officially fall, which means my North Carolina bear hunt is just around the corner. Stay tuned!

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