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Struttin’ Time:

Hunts deer, but not a deer hunter

As I sit on my porch today lost in my memories of days gone by, the thought came to mind, “Your bear hunt to North Carolina is in two weeks.”

Gone are the days when I almost lived in the woods, and it was just a few short years ago that is where anyone could find me this time of year. But the years, miles, and other things in life have changed my way of living.

Gone are outfitters, guides, and friends who would welcome me into their homes, ranches, and their lives. Although I firmly believe I will be found in the mountains someday and my life as we know it has crossed “The Silent River”, I find myself spending more and more of my time thinking of hunts past than hunts in the future. Many of my old friends have left us, and they and the memories can never be replaced.

As I’ve told every one that reads Struttin’ Time, I live a life bigger than a dream. I followed my own advise from last week and bought myself three rifles that were marked down, and one had a mail-in rebate.

Funny how I did that, but with doing less hunting and more trading or having a sale of hunting, or fishing equipment, I figured I should not ask ya’ll to do it, and not do it myself.

I am reminded of a deer hunt I took a few years back to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, and an old black bear tried to pull me from a tree stand. Every time I see a pastor friend of mine, Pastor Tony Brown, I get a chuckle from him about the story.

Although I have said this time, and time again to Struttin’ Time readers, I’ll say it once again. I am not a deer hunter. I hunt deer, but I don’t know as much about them as you do, so I’ll let you do your own planning to deer hunt.

Well, our time has come and gone. Catch you next week!

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