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Hunting is becoming a high cost sport

It is 52 degrees outside as I awake this morning. My North Carolina black bear hunt is just a week away. My hopes are the weather stays cool and “The Great Spirit of Harvest” sends me a monster black bear on my first day of hunting.

Although my spirit is strong, and I pray you and I spend many more days together in the great outdoors that our Maker has loaned us, my body tells me otherwise. We will still be hunting, Struttin’ Time readers), but these long trips have taken their toll and are about to end. I find it more and more of a chore to get hunting clothes washed, packed, and ready to go for each trip.

On Saturday and Sunday, October 18 and 19, blackpowder season will open in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I don’t look for it to be a good year for harvesting a really nice buck this year, from what I’ve seen from my trail cams and what has been told to me by you readers.

Travis Napier had a picture of a doe from his trail cam, and said that was as big a deer as he had seen. He named it Socks. Well, Travis, I hope things pick up for you. Just stay the course. Being away from the everyday world is what hunting is all about anyway.

My how the cost of hunting has gone through the sky. Jerry Lucas, of Mooresburg Tennessee, called me to ask about hunting some this deer season in Pike County, Kentucky. He asked me to find out for him what a license would cost. I did, and I almost passed out. It would cost $260, and he hasn’t even left his house yet.

The high cost of hunting is, I’m sure, why some people have either quit or don’t start. Stay safe. See you next week. And have a great hunt!

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