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Hunting in the Blue Ridge Mountains

As I ready myself for a hunting trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, I can’t help but think of the many years I have hunted there.

The Blue Ridge is where I was hunting on November 19, 1973 when word came to me that my mother had passed away at the age of 51. That was a terrible day.

Recently, we have been talking about the price it costs to go hunting. Well, the price has finally caught up with me on this trip to North Carolina, where they have raised the non-resident hunting license by 33 percent. When was the last time you or I got that kind of raise?

Since a license in North Carolina runs from the day you buy it until the next year at the same time, I am still hunting with a license I bought when I took a late hunt last year. The North Carolina Department of Fish and Wildlife has contacted me to tell me of my license will expire November 1, but failed to mention the rate increase. I can do math, so upon my last day of this hunt I probably won’t return.

On a brighter note, I heard from my friend Raymond “Pap” Brown last week, telling me he has been back in the hospital and that his annual dove hunt went over very well this year. More than 100 doves were harvested. With all the clutter that is almost always around when he does his dove hunt (people there to make sure it is done right) that is a good hunt.

I could save the officials that come to make sure everything is above board for that hunt a ton of money if they will listen. Here goes: Pap Brown will not do anything illegal. He will run the dove hunt to the letter. Pap, you need to start charging them to get through the gate. That lightens the crowd.

I am counting on Pap to beat whatever is trying to take him down.

I will fill you in on the black bear hunt next week. Until then have a safe black powder hunt on the 18th.

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